Monday, February 27, 2012

Voodoo Daddy Putter

Among the series of Voodoo golf putters introduced by Never Compromise, which is a division of Cleveland Golf Co, Voodoo daddy putter stands out amazingly well. This putter is the newest in the series of voodoo putters and has a face balanced mallet putter head. High quality aircraft aluminum is used in the making of this putter and has the same weight properties that were used in making the original voodoo. 
Voodoo Putter
The putter that's introduced by Never Compromise has a funny putter head but has the best feel that any golfer can get. To maintain the ideal alignment of the center of gravity, this putter comes with weights placed on both sides of the club. There is also some amount of weight that's placed at the back of the club, so that the club has a heel for balancing the toe and getting a low centre of gravity. You might find these features awkward to look at, but the success rate that it has is extremely high. This is due to the fact that the low center of gravity prevents the club from having a backspin.

Besides the brilliant feel and confidence that a golfer gets from this putter, it's vital to note that the voodoo putter offers an outstanding feedback on the movement of the ball. As a result the golfer has a good distance control. There are also inbuilt alignment tools and lines in the putter by which the golfers are able to align the ball well on the line of the putt and sink in fairly easily. With a voodoo putter, it's easy to swing along the shoulder blades in the simple pendulum style. The heavy weight in the entire shaft of this voodoo putter that delivers a solid impact and gives good results is the added advantage of using it.

Voodoo daddy putter comes with an extended slight line through which the golfer can confidently adjust the ball along the line of putt. This putter is mostly efficient on long putts when the golfer is quite useful in handling the putter. You can purchase this putter quite easily online and it generally comes in the range of $40 to $100.

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  1. I cannot seem to locate a left handed one anywhere. Can you help?