Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reynolds Plantation

Reynolds Plantation is a lakeside housing area that’s located approximately 76 miles east of Atlanta, US. It boasts around 117 holes of golf designed by some of the best known golf course designers. Along with a golf course, it also offers plenty of accommodations for overnight guests and more than 95 miles of seashore along Lake Oconee.
Designed by renowned architect Bob Cupp along with former US open greats such as Hubert Green who was recently inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame and Fuzzy Zoeller,this 6,698 yard plantation has been ranked among the ‘ten best new courses’ by golf magazine in the year 2004 and has now become America’s top golf course.
The National course in the plantation is designed by Tom Fazio. If you’re a diehard golfer then this is one of the best golf destinations to be in as you’ve several opportunities here with 27 holes in the course. The designer made use of a unique pattern that made the spirit of the course. The course gets its true beauty through trees that are like flowering dogwoods, pine and hardwoods. There’s also Lake Oconee that provides a gorgeous picturesque rim to the course.
There’s also a national clubhouse that houses an impressive golf shop along with buffets. If you want to have golf lessons then there are private or group programs conducted. Many professional golfers have made a good career learning here.
If you are a true golfer then you must visit this place as it’s known to be a golf paradise.      

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Backyard Golf Driving

For any golf enthusiast, playing a game of golf is more exciting than anything else. If you are one among such golfers then you can play golf in your own backyard as well. Backyard golf driving is extremely popular these days due to its expediency and usefulness. Through backyard golf driving, every avid golfer has got an excellent opportunity to experience the pleasure of the game in his/her own backyard.
If you like the game of golf and want to experience it in your own backyard then you can certainly build a golf driving range in your backyard. Here you can play golf in your spare time. Backyard golf is the best option for those who don’t have much time to visit the golf course. In backyard golfing, you can play the game without leaving your house. Being a golf lover, you’d surely like to practice in the night and having the golf driving ranges in the backyard provide this comfort to you.

Building Golf Driving Range
For building your own backyard golf driving range, you’d need distance flag and markers, practice mats and netting for border. Ensure that you get the correct golf equipments. Set up a massive golf net at your backyard, once you get these things. Setting up a huge net would prevent your golf balls from being lost and would also protect the property and the players.
One thing that’s good about backyard golf driving range is that it doesn’t need much maintenance. If you really love this game then you can bring some fun and thrill by building the driving range in your backyard. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Clean Golf Clubs

Golf clubs form an important part of your golf accessories and as a golfer or a lover of the game it’s your responsibility to keep them clean. If you have an unclean or dirty golf club then it might affect your performance, i.e. consistency and score. There are several ways in which you can keep your golf clubs clean.
One of the best ways to ensure that your golf clubs last long is to keep them clean and it’s not at all difficult.
Step 1
After every second round, inspect your clubs as you’d want to play the game with clean clubs. They not only look good when they are cleaned but also perform better. When you play in the course, dirt gets stuck in the grooves on the faces of woods and iron and thus prevents the ball from flying straight or as far as it could.
Step 2
You must clean the dirt out of the grooves of your club. For getting the dirt out make use of the point edge of a golf tee to run along the grooves. Avoid using items such as a screwdriver or knife as they could scratch or damage the club.
Step 3
Clean the shaft and the head of the club by getting a bucket of soapy water. Avoid using bleach or heavy detergent; instead use a light liquid soap. Rinse with warm water after you finish cleaning with the soap water.
Lastly dry the clubs completely with a dry rag. To ensure that you score heavily in every round, clean the golf clubs regularly.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Golf Bags for any Occasion

If you’re a golfer and travel quite often for pleasure or business, then you might certainly have some concerns about the safety and security of your golf clubs and accessories. This is where golf bags play an important role as they not only look good, but also ensure that your golf accessories are safe and sound.

Today, the game of golf just can’t be considered as another game, but it has become a way of life. Today, it’s not necessary that all the people who play golf are professional golfers; rather they play this game for pure pleasure and to rejuvenate. Thus, when it comes to choosing a bag, it depends on how stylish it looks and how good it is in terms of quality.
Today, several golfers choose one brand of golf bag. When choosing a golf bag you need to consider certain things, such as the look of the bag, its feel and durability. There are different types of bags such as caddy golf bags, carry bag, pencil or Sunday bag, travel golf bags, walking golf bags etc. Given ahead are some of the golf bags that are used by golfers and can be used for any occasion.
Types of Golf Bags
Pencil or Sunday Bag
You can have one of these stream lined club bags if you don’t lose too many balls or bust many trees. You can carry a limited amount of accessories and clubs, but this can be a good option if you don’t have too much to carry.
Ultima Series 
You can easily carry 14 clubs in this ultima series and it even allows room for an umbrella or a ball retriever. The bags in this series possess two wheels, so that you can carry it easily anywhere and it also weigh 5.6 pounds that’s light enough to be carried. You can even find double pocketed accessory bag in the ultima series.
Eagle 2
This is the perfect choice if you need maximum storage space. Besides holding an entire set of clubs, this bag also has an attached cover and individual pockets and not a pouch for accessories. There are pockets where you can keep your wallet, golf balls, and shoes as well as other miscellaneous items like towels and tees in side pockets.
Cart Bag
Getting a cart bag can be an excellent idea, if you regularly use a buggy or cart and a trolley. This bag is specifically designed for these accessories. There are multitude of pockets and storage compartments in these bags for things like wet weather gear, valuables, and also some drink coolers. These bags are made to keep them on the golf cart, thus making them easier to carry around the cart.
Travel Bag
The travel bag is one that you place over your existing golf bag when you travel as it has a strong padded cover that can protect your bag inside. These come in 2 types, i.e. the soft case and hard case. The soft case is ideal for the boot of the hire car or for protecting your clubs whereas hard case is good for protection while flying.
These are some golf bags that you can also use for your golf training program along with travelling.