Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reynolds Plantation

Reynolds Plantation is a lakeside housing area that’s located approximately 76 miles east of Atlanta, US. It boasts around 117 holes of golf designed by some of the best known golf course designers. Along with a golf course, it also offers plenty of accommodations for overnight guests and more than 95 miles of seashore along Lake Oconee.
Designed by renowned architect Bob Cupp along with former US open greats such as Hubert Green who was recently inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame and Fuzzy Zoeller,this 6,698 yard plantation has been ranked among the ‘ten best new courses’ by golf magazine in the year 2004 and has now become America’s top golf course.
The National course in the plantation is designed by Tom Fazio. If you’re a diehard golfer then this is one of the best golf destinations to be in as you’ve several opportunities here with 27 holes in the course. The designer made use of a unique pattern that made the spirit of the course. The course gets its true beauty through trees that are like flowering dogwoods, pine and hardwoods. There’s also Lake Oconee that provides a gorgeous picturesque rim to the course.
There’s also a national clubhouse that houses an impressive golf shop along with buffets. If you want to have golf lessons then there are private or group programs conducted. Many professional golfers have made a good career learning here.
If you are a true golfer then you must visit this place as it’s known to be a golf paradise.      

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