Monday, January 30, 2012

Golf Grip Instructions

Right gripping of a club is a vital part of golftraining. In golf, a stick with which you hit the ball is called a club. There are three types of clubs used by golfers - wooden, iron, and putter. Generally a golf club set contains 14 clubs consisting of all three kinds for various types of shots.
The right hand or the bottom hand of right-handed players is called trailing hand and left hand is called leading hand; it is vice-a-versa for left-handed players.
Each one of these is a crucial golf instruction that is practiced hard by all golfers.
  • A club (stick) must be gripped by fingers and not by palms. Usually, the gloves have printed points to show the exact gripping position. Fingers act like a hinge and provide greater flexibility while playing different shots.
  • If you want the power behind your shot, you must gently hold the club. Your muscles, when tensed, are weak, so relax, and play the shot with soft hands for better reach.
  • Overlapping grip (Vardon Grip) is made famous by Harry Vardon in the early twentieth century. The little finger of a trailing hand (right hand for right-handed) is placed between the index and middle finger of a leading hand. The thumb of a leading hand must perfectly fit into the life-line of a trailing hand. It is recommended for long hands.
  • Interlocking grip is better for medium sized hands. The little finger of a trailing hand is interlocked with the index finger of a leading hand.
  • Ten-finger grip, sometimes referred as the base-ball grip, is recommended for short hands. This is the simplest grip position that beginners may start with. There is no interlocking or overlapping of fingers. The little finger of a trailing hand must perfectly fit into the life-line of a leading hand.
Remember that the accurate pressure by both hands is required for accurate shots. No single hand should dominate the other hand; they must act synchronously

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anti Slice Golf Tees

Slices are the most common problem encountered by golfers who just start their professional career. Several facets of golf swing are tangled with the slice, which is the primary reason for the slice to be such a difficult problem to solve. Anti slices golf tees were designed keeping in mind this problem and to help golfers overcome part of their slicing problems by reducing the ball spin.

Slice shot is the main problem faced by many golfers and in fact many take years to determine the causes for this, but are unable to do so. This is the reason golf slice has been the main hurdle between the golfers and their success. However, correcting this slice is important if you aspire to be a good golfer.

Similar to any other golf tee, the anti slice golf tee is a plastic tee with a conventional stem. It has a special design which makes it look different from a normal golf tee. There's a curved flap on the tee which wraps around the striking surface of the ball and act as an insulator to spin which reduces the slice. The flap on the tee prevents the ball from spinning, which is caused due to the open club face and thus the ball goes straight.

As mentioned earlier, the slice usually occurs due to extreme side spin on the golf ball generated from the golf club coming out and inside the normal swing plane. There's a backstop on the anti slice golf tee which covers the side of the ball. Thus, the spin on the ball is reduced as the club hits the lip of the tee and the ball goes straight.
If golfers have too bad slice, then the anti slice golf tees won't necessarily solve their problem. It cannot reduce the slice completely but to some extent, which is mainly taught in the golf training program.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Golf Course Design

Getting the perfect golf course is important as it not only looks beautiful, but also provides the best golf game. There are several aspects that go into designing a good golf course. Getting a course for the game is not the easiest of the things to do as there are many obstacles in building a perfect course.

You need to add and eliminate certain things for making an interesting golf course and you need to take all things into consideration including the planning and the amount of work that goes into designing each golf course.

You need a lot of time and money to plan and build the best golf course that would suit the game in a better way. It's not at all easy to design a golf course and the information regarding the process can be found in several golf tips in golf magazines. It requires great skills and plenty of investment concerning all the aspects of the course along with its maintenance.

A lot of research needs to be done on the land on which you wish to build a golf course. The first step would be to get the land or the property from the owner and then hire experts to plan out the size and shape of the course.

As mentioned earlier about the obstacles, there could be opposition from the locals and issues related to environment which needs to be overcome. Ensure that the experts you hire have all the minute details right from the basic groundwork to installing the modern irrigation systems. You can also take help from various builders' associations for improving the golf course effectively.

Golf course design is a topic that's extensively discussed in golf training program and you'd get all the necessary tips on how to get the golf course designed.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ping Anser Putters

The design of ping anser putter was the first of its kind. It had an offset hosel that provided golfers with an unhindered view of the face. The cavity back putter also possessed a low center of gravity along with the lines parallel to the face. These lines aid a golfer in squaring the putter.

These golf putters are unique because they give a marvelous feel to the golfers who are ready for putting. There’s a specially designed cavity and low centre of gravity in this putter. Golfers who have aligned the ball on the line of putt and are ready to give a swing thus get a confident feel from these properties. Besides these, majority of golfers believe that this putter is perfect for their game and is highly economical too.

Ping anser putters are definitely an answer to the challenges of putting as compared to the other highly superior and sophisticated putters. As these putters are non glossy, the golfers who are ready to give the perfect swing don’t get distracted.  

This putter has a string of success stories associated with it. In fact, many have termed this putter as the “winning nest putter” of the world with many tournaments under its sleeve. There was a major setback for the company manufacturing these putters, as all the putters were banned by the USGA. Only the ping anser putter passed the laws laid down by the USGA.
Ping has been one of the most well known brands in golf due to its many contributions to the world of putters and ping anser putter is certainly one of the best. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

C Groove Putter

Harold Swash created the C groove putter in the year 1995, as he wanted to lessen putting mistakes that individuals frequently commit and which forces them to end up with higher scores. Swash found out that while putting, it's the ball that frequently skids and wavers of the line of the putt, after being struck by a normal golf putter head at the address.
Swash was certain that the player would emerge a winner if only the first few moments of the ball's journey could be controlled. This was the main reason for the creation of C groove putter.
The functioning of the C groove putter is quite simple. The grooves that are on the putter face prevent skidding, initial bumping, and slipping of the golf ball. In conventional putters such deviations lead to missed puts and certainly a disappointed player. There is an intentional upward slant on the concentric edges of the C groove putter that provides the ideal top spin to the ball unlike other popular branded putters that push the ball from bottom and forces it out of the line of the putt.
Several tests have been carried out to verify the reality of the claim regarding higher putting skills. C grove putters have outperformed in all the tests that have been carried against any ordinary putter. It was established that the amazing technology in C groove putters allow the ball to roll straight even after they are hit slightly off from the centre.
Yes Golfing Company is the one that has manufactured and launched this unique design of this putter.