Monday, February 27, 2012

Voodoo Daddy Putter

Among the series of Voodoo golf putters introduced by Never Compromise, which is a division of Cleveland Golf Co, Voodoo daddy putter stands out amazingly well. This putter is the newest in the series of voodoo putters and has a face balanced mallet putter head. High quality aircraft aluminum is used in the making of this putter and has the same weight properties that were used in making the original voodoo. 
Voodoo Putter
The putter that's introduced by Never Compromise has a funny putter head but has the best feel that any golfer can get. To maintain the ideal alignment of the center of gravity, this putter comes with weights placed on both sides of the club. There is also some amount of weight that's placed at the back of the club, so that the club has a heel for balancing the toe and getting a low centre of gravity. You might find these features awkward to look at, but the success rate that it has is extremely high. This is due to the fact that the low center of gravity prevents the club from having a backspin.

Besides the brilliant feel and confidence that a golfer gets from this putter, it's vital to note that the voodoo putter offers an outstanding feedback on the movement of the ball. As a result the golfer has a good distance control. There are also inbuilt alignment tools and lines in the putter by which the golfers are able to align the ball well on the line of the putt and sink in fairly easily. With a voodoo putter, it's easy to swing along the shoulder blades in the simple pendulum style. The heavy weight in the entire shaft of this voodoo putter that delivers a solid impact and gives good results is the added advantage of using it.

Voodoo daddy putter comes with an extended slight line through which the golfer can confidently adjust the ball along the line of putt. This putter is mostly efficient on long putts when the golfer is quite useful in handling the putter. You can purchase this putter quite easily online and it generally comes in the range of $40 to $100.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Golf Putting Accuracy

Golf is a sport played in most of the countries. Golf is challenging, gripping, and thrilling. The magic of golf spell-binds you and makes you addicted to this game.

In golf there are plenty of shots that you need to play before you hit the final shot to hole the ball. The game starts with teeing-off the ball and then after a few shots on the fairway, the ball reaches the green.

The shot that you play on the green is called putt. The club you use to play the putt is called golfputter. This is the shot that each golfer practices very hard. If you have started playing golf, you must understand that this is a decisive shot, which gives you an edge over the other players.

To putt accurately, a few things must be kept in mind. They are:

  • Study the green first. To study the green, bend on your knees behind the ball and analyze the slope and grass of the green.
  • In golf, you are allowed to lift the ball from the ground only once when you are on the green. So lift the ball, clean it up, and put it back. It reduces the error percentage.
  • The swing is very important. When the hole is near, we try to jab the ball, don't do that. Try to swing the club like a pendulum.
  • A right pressure on the grip allows you to have a proper swing
  • Always keep an eye on the hole

Golf instruction is very important and without proper golf training, you cannot succeed. In your training, putting can be practiced extensively off the course. It gives you a lot of confidence.

Golf thrills you if you play it skillfully. And to develop the skills, you must practice hard.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beginner Golf Tips

Golf is a thrilling sport. Though it does not seem that way to the outsiders, it has every bit of excitement that makes a great sport. Golf is played by individuals with the help of a small team. It requires great amount of concentration and peace of mind, just like chess.
Golf should not be played without formal or informal training. Golf instruction is a fundamental part of golf training. Golf can be learned from a certified instructor, who helps to develop your skills rapidly and keeps your focus on track.
If you are a novice and are about to hit your first shot, wait! Please go through these tips, which for sure will help you keep things in control and allow you to learn golf quickly.
Beginner Golf Tips
Mental and Physical Strength: Golf is not about hitting the ball hard. However, your forearms must have enough power to play all the shots flawlessly. While practicing, you may hit 100 shots within a couple of hours, which may put pressure on your hands. Peace of mind is a tricky thing and if you achieve this, there would never be a problem of lack of concentration.
Balance: This is the essence of golf. Balance is an initial criterion for a perfect shot. Learning to balance your body weight is cumbersome, but it is an essential practice that gives you an edge over the others.
Gripping: There are three major types of gripping styles. You should study your hands and then choose the one that suits you the best. If you suffer from the problem of stiff fingers, as many players do, change the gripping style. Consult with your trainer or any professional golfer.
Swing: Swinging is an easy job, but to swing with the right force and in the right direction is not. Watch videos of golf legendaries and watch them in slow motion. See how the ball is connected with the club. And also observe the posture when the club and the ball are connected.
Shots: Driving, wedging, putting, etc., are some of the shots you may start practicing. Putting requires a lot of skill and it is a decider shot. Practice hard on studying the green. Observe carefully how much power you are asserting behind each shot.
Clubs: Golf drivers are used for teeing-off the ball and golf putters are used to play putts on the green. You will come to know slowly the minute differences in the angles and making of these clubs as you play along. Analyze your club and your shot to get deeper insights into the outcome.
These are some basic tips to get started, but you have a long way to go. Keep visiting our site for specific tips and get yourself going with one of the most fascinating sports of our era.

Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Best Golf Drivers

Drivers are the hardest and the longest clubs from your club set. They are the ones that are used while teeing-off the ball. Teeing-off the ball is the first shot any golfer plays. A golfer needs that ball to cover great distance. Learning to play with the latest drivers is an essential part of your Golf training
Drivers were initially made from wood. They had small club-head face. When struck properly, they gave a great feel to the golfer. Our grand-parents played golf with wooden clubs. The problem with a wooden club was that it was not forgiving and a slightly off-head shot could result in losing 50 yards. 
Today, companies are producing clubs that posses both wooden and iron characteristics and are called hybrid clubs. But the driver made from titanium is the most popular driver nowadays. Titanium is light weight and strong material, and that is why it is possible to increase the size of the face of the club-head. The increment in the size makes the club more forgiving and even the off-center shots give you greater distance.

Below is the list of hottest drivers available in the market. Golf instruction varies with the type of driver you choose.

Titleist910D2 Driver: This is a solid 460cc driver that provides slightly higher launch and spin versus the 910D3.
Titleist910D3 Driver: This is 445cc driver with improvised look and feel and lower launch and spin.
Callaway RAZR Fit Driver: This is a better version from Callaway than the earlier RAZR Hawk Driver. Its aerodynamics reduces the energy loss by 14% during the downswing.
Ping G20 Driver: It gives you 0.75 degrees higher loft, around 200 rpm less, and extra speed than that of G15.
Cobra AMP Driver: It gives a juicy, long, and straight shot. This is a result of latest innovations in adjustable lofts and material placement.
Cleveland Classic 270: It has that retro look and the largest face ever produced by this company.
Cleveland Classic 290: There is not much difference other than the weight, which is obviously 290 grams
TaylorMade R11S Driver: This comes with a lot better tuning capabilities than R11.
TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver: This is a general category. It comes with a great technology.
TaylorMade RocketBallz Tour Driver: It gives you crazy distance with maximum speed.

There is no absolute winner when it comes to comparing different clubs and companies. The one that suits your style of playing is the best one for you in a relative sense.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stiff Fingers due to Golf

Practice makes a woman perfect; however, it should be the correct and accurate practice. This applies to every sport played today. The wrong practice not only misleads you, but may harm your body also. Tennis elbow, golf elbow, stiff fingers, etc., are some of the ailments sportsmen are always worried about.

Stiff Fingers
Players feel the stiff fingers in the morning when they wake up. Some of the golfers even feel the throbbing pain in the fingers all along the day. This syndrome is prevalent in amateur golfers. Some of the players may have a stiff neck and a foggy headache as well.
Excessive playing is sometimes the major cause behind the stiff fingers. Normally, in a golf shooting range, you hit around 80 to 100 balls in an hour. When compared to the actual game, this percentage is too much, because in a game you take four to five hours to shoot these many balls.
There are many reasons for the stiff fingers. Novice golfers sometimes do not know or even if they know, cannot implement the accurate techniques.

Remedy and Precautions
You can make all the grips on all the clubs soft by gripping them. Your fingers will be treated well by the grip then.
Rest is the key. When you are on the shooting range, remember, it is not about the power but accuracy. Try to take rest once you hit ten balls. Massage the fingers in breaks, so that the muscles will be relaxed.

A vacation from your busy schedule may help you a little
Gripping is a leading cause of stiff fingers. If you are not comfortable with the interlocked fingers, better try the simple ten-finger technique.
Posture plays an important role in making you a master golfer. Right posture and swing has to be maintained for every shot that you play on field or range.
Strictly follow every golf instruction taught in your golf training
Golf is a lovely game and you will enjoy it forever, if these tips are kept in mind.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Golf Driving

Golf driving is a fabulous experience in itself. The longest and hardest club is used to play this shot. Drive is a long-distance shot and is known as teeing-off. This is the most difficult part of golf training.
Chips are short-distance shots and putts are the ones that go into the hole from a very short-distance. Shorter clubs are used and lesser technique is involved while playing these shots. In driving, the player has to correct the dynamics of his body to control the power and flight of the shot.
Golf instruction, even if it looks easy, is not an easy task to follow. Have a look at these steps or skills for driving that are best known, but rarely attained by players.
  1. The placement of a ball changes with the kind of shot you play. In drives, the ball is placed in-front of your left leg if you are a right handed player. Make sure that you stand wider than usual from the ball to play this shot.
  2. The ball is then teed up (elevated using a tee), so that half of the ball shows up above the club-head.
  3. While swinging back the club, make sure that you do not over-swing. Bend the right knee to control the power and balance. Try to make a perfect arc.
  4. You must apply the right grip pressure. Many players compare gripping a club to that of holding a bird in a hand. Never grip it hard.
  5. Now, bring the club down smoothly and concentrate only on teeing the ball off. Your left hand must be angled towards the ball. Don't try to elevate the ball using extra trailing hand force because that defeats the very purpose of clubs.
  6. When the club makes a contact with the ball, your hands should form a perfect 'V' shape
  7. Follow the swing without hurrying to see the ball
You will get the distance you needed and with practice on the range, you can master this shot. Remember that driving is all about balancing your body weight and swinging the club in the right direction with the right force; ball-hitting occurs simply in the process.