Monday, February 13, 2012

Golf Driving

Golf driving is a fabulous experience in itself. The longest and hardest club is used to play this shot. Drive is a long-distance shot and is known as teeing-off. This is the most difficult part of golf training.
Chips are short-distance shots and putts are the ones that go into the hole from a very short-distance. Shorter clubs are used and lesser technique is involved while playing these shots. In driving, the player has to correct the dynamics of his body to control the power and flight of the shot.
Golf instruction, even if it looks easy, is not an easy task to follow. Have a look at these steps or skills for driving that are best known, but rarely attained by players.
  1. The placement of a ball changes with the kind of shot you play. In drives, the ball is placed in-front of your left leg if you are a right handed player. Make sure that you stand wider than usual from the ball to play this shot.
  2. The ball is then teed up (elevated using a tee), so that half of the ball shows up above the club-head.
  3. While swinging back the club, make sure that you do not over-swing. Bend the right knee to control the power and balance. Try to make a perfect arc.
  4. You must apply the right grip pressure. Many players compare gripping a club to that of holding a bird in a hand. Never grip it hard.
  5. Now, bring the club down smoothly and concentrate only on teeing the ball off. Your left hand must be angled towards the ball. Don't try to elevate the ball using extra trailing hand force because that defeats the very purpose of clubs.
  6. When the club makes a contact with the ball, your hands should form a perfect 'V' shape
  7. Follow the swing without hurrying to see the ball
You will get the distance you needed and with practice on the range, you can master this shot. Remember that driving is all about balancing your body weight and swinging the club in the right direction with the right force; ball-hitting occurs simply in the process.

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