Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beginner Golf Tips

Golf is a thrilling sport. Though it does not seem that way to the outsiders, it has every bit of excitement that makes a great sport. Golf is played by individuals with the help of a small team. It requires great amount of concentration and peace of mind, just like chess.
Golf should not be played without formal or informal training. Golf instruction is a fundamental part of golf training. Golf can be learned from a certified instructor, who helps to develop your skills rapidly and keeps your focus on track.
If you are a novice and are about to hit your first shot, wait! Please go through these tips, which for sure will help you keep things in control and allow you to learn golf quickly.
Beginner Golf Tips
Mental and Physical Strength: Golf is not about hitting the ball hard. However, your forearms must have enough power to play all the shots flawlessly. While practicing, you may hit 100 shots within a couple of hours, which may put pressure on your hands. Peace of mind is a tricky thing and if you achieve this, there would never be a problem of lack of concentration.
Balance: This is the essence of golf. Balance is an initial criterion for a perfect shot. Learning to balance your body weight is cumbersome, but it is an essential practice that gives you an edge over the others.
Gripping: There are three major types of gripping styles. You should study your hands and then choose the one that suits you the best. If you suffer from the problem of stiff fingers, as many players do, change the gripping style. Consult with your trainer or any professional golfer.
Swing: Swinging is an easy job, but to swing with the right force and in the right direction is not. Watch videos of golf legendaries and watch them in slow motion. See how the ball is connected with the club. And also observe the posture when the club and the ball are connected.
Shots: Driving, wedging, putting, etc., are some of the shots you may start practicing. Putting requires a lot of skill and it is a decider shot. Practice hard on studying the green. Observe carefully how much power you are asserting behind each shot.
Clubs: Golf drivers are used for teeing-off the ball and golf putters are used to play putts on the green. You will come to know slowly the minute differences in the angles and making of these clubs as you play along. Analyze your club and your shot to get deeper insights into the outcome.
These are some basic tips to get started, but you have a long way to go. Keep visiting our site for specific tips and get yourself going with one of the most fascinating sports of our era.

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