Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Best Golf Drivers

Drivers are the hardest and the longest clubs from your club set. They are the ones that are used while teeing-off the ball. Teeing-off the ball is the first shot any golfer plays. A golfer needs that ball to cover great distance. Learning to play with the latest drivers is an essential part of your Golf training
Drivers were initially made from wood. They had small club-head face. When struck properly, they gave a great feel to the golfer. Our grand-parents played golf with wooden clubs. The problem with a wooden club was that it was not forgiving and a slightly off-head shot could result in losing 50 yards. 
Today, companies are producing clubs that posses both wooden and iron characteristics and are called hybrid clubs. But the driver made from titanium is the most popular driver nowadays. Titanium is light weight and strong material, and that is why it is possible to increase the size of the face of the club-head. The increment in the size makes the club more forgiving and even the off-center shots give you greater distance.

Below is the list of hottest drivers available in the market. Golf instruction varies with the type of driver you choose.

Titleist910D2 Driver: This is a solid 460cc driver that provides slightly higher launch and spin versus the 910D3.
Titleist910D3 Driver: This is 445cc driver with improvised look and feel and lower launch and spin.
Callaway RAZR Fit Driver: This is a better version from Callaway than the earlier RAZR Hawk Driver. Its aerodynamics reduces the energy loss by 14% during the downswing.
Ping G20 Driver: It gives you 0.75 degrees higher loft, around 200 rpm less, and extra speed than that of G15.
Cobra AMP Driver: It gives a juicy, long, and straight shot. This is a result of latest innovations in adjustable lofts and material placement.
Cleveland Classic 270: It has that retro look and the largest face ever produced by this company.
Cleveland Classic 290: There is not much difference other than the weight, which is obviously 290 grams
TaylorMade R11S Driver: This comes with a lot better tuning capabilities than R11.
TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver: This is a general category. It comes with a great technology.
TaylorMade RocketBallz Tour Driver: It gives you crazy distance with maximum speed.

There is no absolute winner when it comes to comparing different clubs and companies. The one that suits your style of playing is the best one for you in a relative sense.

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