Sunday, February 26, 2012

Golf Putting Accuracy

Golf is a sport played in most of the countries. Golf is challenging, gripping, and thrilling. The magic of golf spell-binds you and makes you addicted to this game.

In golf there are plenty of shots that you need to play before you hit the final shot to hole the ball. The game starts with teeing-off the ball and then after a few shots on the fairway, the ball reaches the green.

The shot that you play on the green is called putt. The club you use to play the putt is called golfputter. This is the shot that each golfer practices very hard. If you have started playing golf, you must understand that this is a decisive shot, which gives you an edge over the other players.

To putt accurately, a few things must be kept in mind. They are:

  • Study the green first. To study the green, bend on your knees behind the ball and analyze the slope and grass of the green.
  • In golf, you are allowed to lift the ball from the ground only once when you are on the green. So lift the ball, clean it up, and put it back. It reduces the error percentage.
  • The swing is very important. When the hole is near, we try to jab the ball, don't do that. Try to swing the club like a pendulum.
  • A right pressure on the grip allows you to have a proper swing
  • Always keep an eye on the hole

Golf instruction is very important and without proper golf training, you cannot succeed. In your training, putting can be practiced extensively off the course. It gives you a lot of confidence.

Golf thrills you if you play it skillfully. And to develop the skills, you must practice hard.

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