Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stiff Fingers due to Golf

Practice makes a woman perfect; however, it should be the correct and accurate practice. This applies to every sport played today. The wrong practice not only misleads you, but may harm your body also. Tennis elbow, golf elbow, stiff fingers, etc., are some of the ailments sportsmen are always worried about.

Stiff Fingers
Players feel the stiff fingers in the morning when they wake up. Some of the golfers even feel the throbbing pain in the fingers all along the day. This syndrome is prevalent in amateur golfers. Some of the players may have a stiff neck and a foggy headache as well.
Excessive playing is sometimes the major cause behind the stiff fingers. Normally, in a golf shooting range, you hit around 80 to 100 balls in an hour. When compared to the actual game, this percentage is too much, because in a game you take four to five hours to shoot these many balls.
There are many reasons for the stiff fingers. Novice golfers sometimes do not know or even if they know, cannot implement the accurate techniques.

Remedy and Precautions
You can make all the grips on all the clubs soft by gripping them. Your fingers will be treated well by the grip then.
Rest is the key. When you are on the shooting range, remember, it is not about the power but accuracy. Try to take rest once you hit ten balls. Massage the fingers in breaks, so that the muscles will be relaxed.

A vacation from your busy schedule may help you a little
Gripping is a leading cause of stiff fingers. If you are not comfortable with the interlocked fingers, better try the simple ten-finger technique.
Posture plays an important role in making you a master golfer. Right posture and swing has to be maintained for every shot that you play on field or range.
Strictly follow every golf instruction taught in your golf training
Golf is a lovely game and you will enjoy it forever, if these tips are kept in mind.

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  1. Great advice about using a different grip to relieve stiffness and pain in the hands. Not many golf instructors would suggest using a ten-finger grip. Good job!

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