Friday, January 6, 2012

Ping Anser Putters

The design of ping anser putter was the first of its kind. It had an offset hosel that provided golfers with an unhindered view of the face. The cavity back putter also possessed a low center of gravity along with the lines parallel to the face. These lines aid a golfer in squaring the putter.

These golf putters are unique because they give a marvelous feel to the golfers who are ready for putting. There’s a specially designed cavity and low centre of gravity in this putter. Golfers who have aligned the ball on the line of putt and are ready to give a swing thus get a confident feel from these properties. Besides these, majority of golfers believe that this putter is perfect for their game and is highly economical too.

Ping anser putters are definitely an answer to the challenges of putting as compared to the other highly superior and sophisticated putters. As these putters are non glossy, the golfers who are ready to give the perfect swing don’t get distracted.  

This putter has a string of success stories associated with it. In fact, many have termed this putter as the “winning nest putter” of the world with many tournaments under its sleeve. There was a major setback for the company manufacturing these putters, as all the putters were banned by the USGA. Only the ping anser putter passed the laws laid down by the USGA.
Ping has been one of the most well known brands in golf due to its many contributions to the world of putters and ping anser putter is certainly one of the best. 

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