Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anti Slice Golf Tees

Slices are the most common problem encountered by golfers who just start their professional career. Several facets of golf swing are tangled with the slice, which is the primary reason for the slice to be such a difficult problem to solve. Anti slices golf tees were designed keeping in mind this problem and to help golfers overcome part of their slicing problems by reducing the ball spin.

Slice shot is the main problem faced by many golfers and in fact many take years to determine the causes for this, but are unable to do so. This is the reason golf slice has been the main hurdle between the golfers and their success. However, correcting this slice is important if you aspire to be a good golfer.

Similar to any other golf tee, the anti slice golf tee is a plastic tee with a conventional stem. It has a special design which makes it look different from a normal golf tee. There's a curved flap on the tee which wraps around the striking surface of the ball and act as an insulator to spin which reduces the slice. The flap on the tee prevents the ball from spinning, which is caused due to the open club face and thus the ball goes straight.

As mentioned earlier, the slice usually occurs due to extreme side spin on the golf ball generated from the golf club coming out and inside the normal swing plane. There's a backstop on the anti slice golf tee which covers the side of the ball. Thus, the spin on the ball is reduced as the club hits the lip of the tee and the ball goes straight.
If golfers have too bad slice, then the anti slice golf tees won't necessarily solve their problem. It cannot reduce the slice completely but to some extent, which is mainly taught in the golf training program.

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