Wednesday, January 4, 2012

C Groove Putter

Harold Swash created the C groove putter in the year 1995, as he wanted to lessen putting mistakes that individuals frequently commit and which forces them to end up with higher scores. Swash found out that while putting, it's the ball that frequently skids and wavers of the line of the putt, after being struck by a normal golf putter head at the address.
Swash was certain that the player would emerge a winner if only the first few moments of the ball's journey could be controlled. This was the main reason for the creation of C groove putter.
The functioning of the C groove putter is quite simple. The grooves that are on the putter face prevent skidding, initial bumping, and slipping of the golf ball. In conventional putters such deviations lead to missed puts and certainly a disappointed player. There is an intentional upward slant on the concentric edges of the C groove putter that provides the ideal top spin to the ball unlike other popular branded putters that push the ball from bottom and forces it out of the line of the putt.
Several tests have been carried out to verify the reality of the claim regarding higher putting skills. C grove putters have outperformed in all the tests that have been carried against any ordinary putter. It was established that the amazing technology in C groove putters allow the ball to roll straight even after they are hit slightly off from the centre.
Yes Golfing Company is the one that has manufactured and launched this unique design of this putter.       

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