Monday, November 21, 2011

Golf Bags for any Occasion

If you’re a golfer and travel quite often for pleasure or business, then you might certainly have some concerns about the safety and security of your golf clubs and accessories. This is where golf bags play an important role as they not only look good, but also ensure that your golf accessories are safe and sound.

Today, the game of golf just can’t be considered as another game, but it has become a way of life. Today, it’s not necessary that all the people who play golf are professional golfers; rather they play this game for pure pleasure and to rejuvenate. Thus, when it comes to choosing a bag, it depends on how stylish it looks and how good it is in terms of quality.
Today, several golfers choose one brand of golf bag. When choosing a golf bag you need to consider certain things, such as the look of the bag, its feel and durability. There are different types of bags such as caddy golf bags, carry bag, pencil or Sunday bag, travel golf bags, walking golf bags etc. Given ahead are some of the golf bags that are used by golfers and can be used for any occasion.
Types of Golf Bags
Pencil or Sunday Bag
You can have one of these stream lined club bags if you don’t lose too many balls or bust many trees. You can carry a limited amount of accessories and clubs, but this can be a good option if you don’t have too much to carry.
Ultima Series 
You can easily carry 14 clubs in this ultima series and it even allows room for an umbrella or a ball retriever. The bags in this series possess two wheels, so that you can carry it easily anywhere and it also weigh 5.6 pounds that’s light enough to be carried. You can even find double pocketed accessory bag in the ultima series.
Eagle 2
This is the perfect choice if you need maximum storage space. Besides holding an entire set of clubs, this bag also has an attached cover and individual pockets and not a pouch for accessories. There are pockets where you can keep your wallet, golf balls, and shoes as well as other miscellaneous items like towels and tees in side pockets.
Cart Bag
Getting a cart bag can be an excellent idea, if you regularly use a buggy or cart and a trolley. This bag is specifically designed for these accessories. There are multitude of pockets and storage compartments in these bags for things like wet weather gear, valuables, and also some drink coolers. These bags are made to keep them on the golf cart, thus making them easier to carry around the cart.
Travel Bag
The travel bag is one that you place over your existing golf bag when you travel as it has a strong padded cover that can protect your bag inside. These come in 2 types, i.e. the soft case and hard case. The soft case is ideal for the boot of the hire car or for protecting your clubs whereas hard case is good for protection while flying.
These are some golf bags that you can also use for your golf training program along with travelling.

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