Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Fix A Golf Slice

Golf is a game of excitement and uncertainties. Golf, from teeing to putting, enthralls you. All the shots you play on a golf course are prone to minute errors. These errors follow butterfly effect, the effect, which says that these small errors can turn into the great blunders.

Golf slices are such errors that are the results of improper shots. If the club is open at the impact, the ball do not follow the trajectory you intended. This is called slice. Well, arguably there can be three types of slices.

Straight Slice: It happens when the path of your swing is straight; however, the face of the club is open at the impact. The ball goes straight for a while and then turns to left or right.

Push Slice: When the path is not straight but slightly inside-out and the club-face is open at the time of impact, push slice is inevitable. The ball goes right initially and move further in the right.

Pull Slice: It occurs when an outside-in shot is played with an open club-face. It hits the ball in the left, but because of the open club-face it moves in the right direction and miss the intended trajectory.

How to Fix a Golf Slice?
  • Do not come on top of the ball
  • Try hitting the ball square all the time
  • Analyze your grip

Golf Instruction, a major part of you golf training, is a best way to learn slices and different causes behind them. People spend lot of time and money to fix their slices and at times it seems impossible to fix them. There are professional courses available and popular books are written that can help you to reduce the number of slices.

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