Sunday, March 11, 2012

Golf Accessories, Golf Training

Like every other sport, accessories are a big part of golf. Many customs and traditions have been carried to this date in this game. Golfers make use of various accessories to better the feel, if not the performance. We have defined some terminologies and listed a few accessories that are used in today's golf quite extensively. Golf instruction is a part of golftraining and you will get to know more about different equipments and their usages once you join one.

Golf Putter: It is the club that is used to play putts. Putt is a shot played on the green.

Golf Driver: Drivers are used to play the long-distance shots

Tee: Tee is usually made up of plastic. It is used to increase the height of the ball, so that it can be hit in the air.

Markers: They are used to mark the position of the ball on the ground. The ball can be lifted only once in golf and when it is lifted from the ground, the marker is placed in the ground.

Round Scorer: It is used to record the scores

Pitch Repairer: It is used to repair the divots made by the ball on the ground

Gloves: Usually golfers use only one glove

Cap: The caps are known as golf caps and they are so famous that people wear them everywhere

Putting Mat: This is used to practice putting at home

Ball Collector: It is used to collect the balls more efficiently

Trolley: It is used to carry the golf kit

Golf Bag: It is specially designed to accommodate long clubs and other equipments

Practice Net: This is used to practice in a net

There are hundreds of such accessories and many manufacturers produce them. Strangely, there are superstitions in golf too. Companies are producing more and more designs and functions that can improve the comfort level in golf. Once you start playing the game, you get accustomed with all that has become a part of golf.


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