Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Golf Chipping

A chip is just another shot played in golf. It is played when the ball is quite near the putting green, but not on the green. You will obviously try to lift the ball a bit and then roll it into the hole; that is what chipping is all about. It differs from the pitch though. In pitching, the ball is not near to the green and so you lift the ball more in the air and let it roll less towards the hole. Learning golf instruction or golftraining is an integral part of the art of chipping, for more than 50 percent of the game is played near the green.

Like a golf putter, which is used to play putts, chipper is used to play chips. A chipper can be anything between 3-iron to a sand wedge. Depending on a situation, you should choose your club. The slope of the course and the speed of the green are some of the factors you should keep in mind before playing chips. Whether it is a 6-iron or an 8-iron, you should know how much lift and roll you want.

An 8-iron will lift the ball more causing less roll, whereas 6-iron will lift less and roll more. According to the conditions, make changes to hit the ball on the green near the hole.

Below are given few instructions to follow to play better chips:

  • Your hands should be well ahead of the ball
  • Do not bend the wrists
  • Keep your shoulders down
  • Keep focusing on the point of contact

Golf is game of accuracies and you will understand this while choosing the right wedges for your shots.

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