Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Golf Back Pain

Golf back pain should not be avoided by the golfers as it may deteriorate in the long run. Throughout the game, a golf player is likely to get golf injuries while playing some or the other shots. Therefore, it is suggested to be prepared for the game with a positive mindset that proves helpful to bear the pain and injuries. 
Usually, when an amateur starts playing golf, he/she slowly gets acquainted with the nuances of the game. With continuous practice and years of experience, a golf player gets an idea about various styles of golf shots. This way, knowledge is gained about how to get the perfect shot, what mistakes to avoid and how to develop one’s own style of playing the game of golf.
Most of the times, golfers suffer from back pain which occurs due to too much stretching. Stiffness in arms and shoulders leads to back pain as arms are in action in golf. Besides this, long hours of practice sessions also cause pain in the back region which affects the general functioning of the golfer. For example, sitting on the chair and doing day-to-day activities that involve bending, extending arms and shoulders, etc.
To manage the shoulder pain, a golfer can perform seated twist form of exercise as it helps the player to loosen the shoulder muscles. Besides this, a golfer can also practice seated hamstring stretch. It proves beneficial as it helps the lower backside and the abdominal region of the golfer and ultimately provides comfort from the pain.

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